Law of Abundance
Creating, Attracting and Manifesting abundance


  Twelve Principles For Living With Extraordinary Abundance
The psychology of abundance: Abundance mentality

For an abundance mind set you need to internalize the following principles:

1. There is enough for everyone in the world. Hence you do not need to fear that if someone is getting something, the world will run short of it and you will not get your share.

2. Your getting rich does not mean that you are taking away something from someone -- YOu are not making anyone else poor by becoming rich yourself.

3. If you are getting an urge for something or a need to accomplish or obtain something -- it is because you already have the power or the resources within your reach that will make this dream of your s come true -- you never get any dream or desire without also the means or resources of accomplishing this -- as long as this desire is for the good of all.

4. YOur purpose in life is to live in total abundance -- enjoy total abundance , express total abundance, feel total abundance and spread total abundance. Hence:

  •  Cultivate your talents to the fullest.

  •  Do the best you can where ever you are at right now.

  •  Strive to increase in knowledge,

  •  strive to increase in health,

  •  strive to increase in happiness,

  • strive to increase in joyful living,

  •  strive to increase in wealth.

  • Strive to spread your wealth and happiness to others.

5. For abundance you are operating on a plain of creation and not competition -- that is you will do your own dance and let others do their own dance -- You do not need to cheat or steal or take anything away from anyone.

 Hence you do not have to fear anyone or be scared that you will loose your job, or not get money  or not get promoted etc... Neither do you need to feel jealous or inferior or feel lack ... You can freely rejoice in the abundance of others because you know that your own abundance is reserved exclusively for you and you will get it. Hence you do not need to desire or secretly wish for the wealth or abundance of others ... you know you already have your own.

6. No one can take your abundance away from you -- you might loose your wealth temporarily but you will always be able to get it back, as long as you have abundance power within you. Hence you do not need to be scared of losing it, or worry about where it will come from.










7. Whatever answers, solutions, resources you need to achieve your dreams or goals are already present within you right now -- you do not need to search for anything external to yourself -- get quite and search for the solutions and answers or resources within yourself. Enlist the help of your subconscious mind for total abundance. And then follow through on the ideas that pop up into your mind out of the blue.

8. To achieve your dreams, you need to take action, but these actions are directed by your subconscious mind, and are of such a nature that you can do them. You do not need to fear failure, or worry about what you will do next. Your subconscious mind will reveal the next plan of action to you once the first one is completed.

9. Once you have done your best following out on all the ideas and directions that your subconscious mind has been giving you, You need to believe in your heart with total faith and conviction that the universe is bringing to you what you desire, and simply refuse to accept any other possibility. Then you can rest assured that the universe's law of attraction is going to bring you whatever it is that you so believe in.

10. You need to believe that the universe is supporting you every step of the way -- and since you are totally supported by the universe -- whatever happens will be always for the best -- Hence you don't need to fear or worry or be scared.
 Once you internalize this belief of being supported by the universe or God in whatever you do,  you will experience a great freedom or relief and contentment.

 My affirmations to develop this belief are:

 God I know that you are everywhere and in everything, and that you are inside me too. God I know that you have always supported me and done the best for me, and I know that you are doing the best for me right now. Thank you God.

 This is a very powerful belief. You will no longer fear about loss, natural disasters, tragedies, about someone cheating or stealing from you or even accidents or death. You simply trust in God and know that you are fully supported and hence do not need to fear or worry about anything.

11. Thank God for everything that comes your way whether it be a single cent or a million dollars - give thanks to God or the universe -- really feel grateful . My affirmations for creating an attitude of gratitude (repeated at least once in the morning):

  • Thank you God for another beautiful day,

  •  Thank you God for another healthy day,

  •  Thank you God for another happy day,

  •  Thank you God for another joyful day.

  •  Thank you God for all the wonderful people in my life.. God bless them all and wish them well.

  •  Thank you God for all the wealth and abundance in my life;

  •  Thank you God for my excellent education and awareness;

  •  Thank you God for my warm and loving family;

  •  Thank you God for my beautiful home;

  • Thank you God for all the people reading my articles - God bless them all and wish them well.

 Find what ever you can possibly be thankful for and thank God for it. Express love and forgiveness and blessings for all the people you know in whatever capacity - your relatives, friends, employer, boss, health care giver, lover , children etc. Thank God for everything and everyone. Bless everything and everyone in your life. Make this a daily habit.

12. Do not ever get jealous of anyone, or feel that something that you have received is inferior or of low value or that you have received the bottom end of a deal. Know that you are experiencing what ever you are experiencing because of the level of your spiritual awareness. As soon as you spiritually progress to a higher level, you will start attracting better circumstances, money, wealth, people etc... so strive to move forward.

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